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It is an opinion of value or the process by which an opinion of value is obtained.

Well following:
Is the physical improvements more land attached to it, if any.

Disbursement or aggregate amount to develop improved and applies to the reproduction of an identical improvement as the replacement with equivalent functionality.

Absorption study:
It is the study to determine occupancy rates, rental or sale of a property or set of properties, with respect to time.

Study cost - benefit:
The set of studies conducted to determine the relationship between the cost of an investment versus the benefits obtained by it.

Study of "due diligence":
In the acquisition of a property or an investment operation, it consists of research work on contractual terms and the characteristics of the property and its market, prior to the execution of the transaction. In an appraisal, the research is aimed at obtaining factors that may affect the utility and value of the property.

Investment feasibility study:
It is an analysis to investigate whether a project meets the predefined objectives. Its profitability is analyzed under different criteria, including investor perspective

The set of all shares, the rights and benefits relating to ownership or ownership of real property. The set of rights that ownership of real property is provided

Business started:
It refers to an established business and operating, indefinite future life. This is a special type of properties (hotels, restaurants, marinas clubs, athletic clubs, etc.) in which the physical part (real property assets) is an integral part of a business operation.

The amount by which a particular purchaser agrees to pay and a particular seller agrees to accept, under the prevailing circumstances of the transaction.

Going concern premise:
One of the premises under which the total assets of a business (ATN) may be valued: the assumption that a business will continue to operate in the future (usually indefinitely). Under the premise of running the business as a going concern value equals the sum of the value of tangible assets plus the value of intangible assets, which may include the value of the excess profits, in which asset values obtained are consistent with the premise of going concern.

Freehold or fee simple:
It represents full ownership of real property, free of any liens and subject only to such limitations expropriation, seizure, police and taxes

Intangible property:
Physical assets, including but not limited to franchises, trademarks, patents, copyrights, goodwill, rights capital (equity), mineral rights and contracts, which are distinguished from tangible assets such as buildings and equipment.

Tangible property:
Property that can be perceived by the senses; It includes land, improvements attached, furniture, goods, cash and working capital concepts employed in a company.

Purpose of an appraisal:
It represents the main reason of a valuatorio work, which is to obtain the opinion of a preset

Using an appraisal or study:
It is the use or uses that will be given to an assessment or study, according to a previous agreement between client and consultant.

Or user of a valuation study:
It represents the customer or other parties are identified as users work, according to a previous agreement between client and consultant.

Monetary relationship between property rights and those who buy, sell or use those rights. The value expresses an economic concept and, as such, is never a fact but an opinion on the valuation at a given time, according to the preset definition.

Most commonly used values:
Insurable value:

The value of an asset or set of assets that are covered by an insurance policy; It can be estimated by deducting costs of uninsurable assets (such as land value) of the market value. Often it is also regarded as the reproduction or replacement cost plus demolition debris removal or less demerit and uninsurable assets.

Market value (market value):
The most probable price, on a specified date, in cash or cash equivalent terms, or other agreed terms precisely that specific property rights should sell after reasonable exposure time in a competitive market and low all conditions of a fair sale, a buyer and a seller acting wisely, knowledge and self-interest, and assuming that no acts under any pressure.

Value as a going concern:
Market value of all tangible and intangible assets of a business operation, duly established, with indefinite life and considering the sale as a whole.

Investment value:
The specific value of an investment for a particular investor or group of investors based on individual investment requirements; it is distinguished from market value, which is impersonal and objective.

Value for a particular investor.
The value is obtained by applying an analytical model using a given rate of return sought by the investor.

Liquidation value:
The most probable price at which a given right of property will be sold under the following conditions:
The sale should be finished within a severely limited period of time to market, as specified by the customer.
The actual prevailing market conditions are those for which the property right is subject.
The buyer is acting consciously and knowingly.
The seller is in a state of extreme duress for sale.
The buyer is under typical conditions of motivation.
The buyer acts under conditions considered in their best interest.
Limited marketing efforts to achieve the sale is permitted.
Payment will be in cash or equivalent financial terms.
The price is given under standard conditions of sale, unaffected by special financing or sales concessions, granted by any person involved in the sale.

Surrender value:
Value of any improvements that can be removed from a specific location such as a metal structure, including freight, etc.

Book value:
Accounting concept; historic cost of improvements less any deduction for depreciation plus the cost of improvements made in subsequent years.

Value in use:
It represents the value of a property to its current user. Is the concept of subjective value.

Tax value:
Value for purposes of calculating taxes

Intangible value:
A value that can not be attributed to any of the physical parts of the property; for example, the value attributed to an excess concessional lease rent or mortgage or the value attributed to goodwill.



What is a real estate appraisal? It is the estimated value of a property (house, apartment, office, land, etc.) covering the right amount, within the existing market in the area for a particular purpose, valid for six months, with the technical opinion exploring the physical conditions of housing and urban environment to determine whether it is acceptable or not. If a person applies for a loan for: Buying a used house, payment of liabilities, repair, expansion and improvement or construction on home soil, he must apply for assessment to a measuring unit having FOVISSSTE and INFONAVIT registration.

Why is reliable a real estate appraisal? A real estate appraisal is trustworthy and reliable as it is done by professionals in Real Estate Valuation, which are updated day by day according to new policies and legislation and those assessments are approved and certified valuation units.

What is a measuring unit? It is the body authorized by a moral person who obtained the registration with the Federal Mortgage Society (SHF) for certification of Appraisals.

What is the SHF? It is a Banking Institution Development, established by the Government of the Republic, which aims to promote the development of primary and secondary market for housing credit. And it is the agency that regulates Valuation units.

Who authorizes my assessment for a housing loan? The appraisal is authorized by a controller and an expert appraiser representatives of a measuring unit that certifies the appraisal, verifying that the actual value is issued to turn the Government Institution or other financial institution authorized by the housing credit.

When is an appraisal helpful? An appraisal is useful in the process of buying a home, to be entitled to a mortgage, to secure your property and set an appropriate value of the sum insured, to fix the price of rent, determine the tax base tax farm, to know the value of a property is on the market, in case of an eventual sale of the same, for judicial purposes to inheritance, payment in kind or awards.

How do you know that a properly accredited appraiser? The appraiser must prove with Certificate and/or registration number with the corresponding instance. If an appraisal is to guaranteed housing credit, the name of the appraiser must be registered on the website of the Federal Mortgage Society (SHF), and is continuously updated. If the appraisal is the reason for the payment of taxes related to the property, the appraiser must have registration with the Local Tax Authority in the case of Mexico City, to the Treasury of the Federal District (GDF).

How long is an appraisal? Usually the existence of a valuation is six months, as long as the property is not modified during administrative procedures, and not different economic conditions to those in which the assessment was performed arise.

Does the assessment match the final price? The amount resulting from the valuation is not always the market value, and that could have been managed for tax purposes (tax). To make the calculation, the appraiser takes into account the value of land for total area and the price per square meter in the area; the type of construction, whether it is economic, regular, luxury; and the price of other properties in the area or comparable. If it is a sought colony, the market value is much higher than the tax, if it is an area that is not demanded, will be very similar to the tax value.

How long does the processing an appraisal? DISTRICT Valuation Unit, North SA Real Estate Group de CV, has a commitment to deliver to their customers in a period no longer than three days.

What is a credit assessment for SHF (Sofol, Sofom, Banking, etc? In an assessment with credit given for any credit grantor entity. The amount of the credit depends on the individual or couple, married or cohabiting income.

How much does an appraisal? The price is according to the property to value and purpose. Estimating the cost of an appraisal is based on the purpose of it but there are standards in the market for their calculation therefore has to know the purpose of the appraisal.

What is the tariff or tariff handled INFONAVIT for an appraisal? 

What is the tariff or tariff handled by FOVISSSTE for an appraisal? 

What Appraisals handles INFONAVIT credit? 

INFONAVIT granted a loan to buy a home, new or used, which offers the best conditions of quality, location and price; You are free to choose, according to the needs and possibilities.

INFONAVIT granted a credit which can be built on the plot itself or the partner or spouse, married under the community property system.

INFONAVIT granted a loan you can expand, repair or improve housing and thus, increase equity and improve the condition of sustainable living.

It is the credit granted INFONAVIT to settle the debt owed to a bank or Sofol for a loan granted for the purchase, construction, repair, expansion or improvement of a dwelling..

What is a Credit Appraisal FOVISSSTE?
Is an Appraisal with credit ISSSTE and to acquire the applicant must be a worker in the service of the state and be incorporated into the benefits of the ISSSTE Law, ie trade at FOVISSSTE, this is achieved by contributions that the agency or entity provide the 5% of base salary redirected to the SAR housing subaccount.

What types of credit appraisals handles FOVISSSTE?

Through a lottery winning traditional credit.

If an individual has income less than 2.6 times the minimum monthly wage.

If you are a pensioner of the ISSSTE (key board 101, 102 and 634

If the spouse is listed on INFONAVIT, you can apply for this type of credit.

It is a joint assessment with credit granted by FOVISSSTE and Mortgage Bank or, in other words; two banks.

CREDITS Respalda2
It is an assessment with credit given to beneficiaries ISSSTE workers, basic trust and possible, this credit is based on your ability to pay.



In compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, published in the Official Gazette on June 5, 2010 and its regulations published in the Official Gazette on December 21, 2011, It's like measuring unit DISTRICT, it is based and is firmly committed, respetándote and safeguarding your personal information, protecting in full confidentiality.

To DISTRICT it is necessary to collect information in order to carry out intrinsic and own the commercial business on property valuation activities, so we are governed in compliance with these laws in order to cover the necessary security measures. The only purpose of the processing of personal data is ask you to give the best service and meet your needs. Thereof which may include full name, full address, proxy and / or county, state, country, mobile phone or address, email, CURP and Federal Tax, no clutch, DISTRICT reserves the gathering of additional information.

To the extent necessary and required to transfer your personal data within or outside of Mexico for the purpose of providing a service of excellence, DISTRICT, undertakes to ensure that full compliance is given to all legal protection principles the transfer of personal data.

The personal data we collect from you as a client, use, access, use, transfer, disposal and disclosure is to provide complementary services related to the corporate purpose as measuring unit, in compliance with the laws and policies governing functions the same.

We are committed to inform you as a customer of our services, and changes there. We care about assessing the quality of service provided, conducting internal studies. Judgments as to reserve DISTRICT, share personal data with affiliates of the property market and will be treated in accordance with the privacy practices and information security.

In addition, it is the opinion of DISTRICT, disclose personal data if any law or legal process requires it, and judicial or administrative authorities through a written mandate based and when it considers that the disclosure thereof is necessary to avoid any physical or financial harm.

Otherwise, DISTRICT not disclose any personal information to persons connected with the Company or other third parties.

Established and founded by the laws in question, the data privacy practices for district, is duly protected administrative, technical and physically preventing misuse or unauthorized, avoiding damage, loss, alteration or destruction of data access.

According to the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and its Regulations mentioned above as client district and owner of personal data, directly or through legal representative, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to what is called the law of Arc. You can exercise and know how to manage your information and treatment conditions.

In case your data is inaccurate can request their correction and must attach documentation evidencing such modification or protect him. You can request cancellation of the data and a lock-in period in which they can not be treated in any way your personal data suppression starts. As owner you can legitimately oppose the processing of their Personal Data or to require termination. DISTRICT, you can make any changes you make to the Privacy Notice and reserves the right to release the holder.

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We seek the maximum attention to your need and demand as a client, offering a dignified and cordial, understanding your challenges with valuable solutions, building a close relationship and empathic, guaranteeing your rights and gender equality such as universality correspond to everyone, interdependence to be linked, being indivisible and inseparable and complementary escalation because these rights are constantly evolving.

We make security and integrity of your responsibility as a company as we are committed in our behavior generates full assurance in the services we offer.

The passion for our work is a push to exceed your expectations and a challenge to improve your needs by creating a vocation of service.

We are an example and guide to cover your needs in real estate valuation and our professionalism and leadership that puts us in the competitive market.